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Quotes And Teachings Of Varkari Saints

A collection of quotes and teachings of Varkari Saints.

Lord Vitthal is sitting on his bed at the time of shayan arati, and he is giving his  bhaktas the boon of fearlessness. He says: “you are my (householder) devotees, enjoy yourself, be happy — but think of me day and night! Then the fetters of death can’t bind you!” After Namdev Maharaj had sung for Vitthal, the Lord went to sleep. (Sant Namdev)

While grinding and pounding I sing your name, Ananta! I don’t forget your name even for a second, Murari! This is my daily task to grind and sing your name! you are my mother and father, my friend and sister, Chakrapani (wielder of the disc) I’m just  watching out for your feet all the time says Namdev’s Jani. (Sant Janabai)

During all yours household activities, take the name of the Lord! While giving or taking something—say “Hari”, laughing, playing, singing, eating—say Hari! In solitude and among the people! At the time of death — say Hari! Ekanath says: Hari! (Sant Eknath)

The Varkaris who see Pandhari are so fortunate! With every step they sing the name of Vitthal—though householders, how can they be bound in samsar? All their faults are just flying off! With limbs filled with love they dance without shame, coloured with the Lord! Even the very weak and powerless, these people are fulfilled and complete! Tuka says if you have God in yours heart, then moksha is in your hand instantly! (Sant Tukaram)

Chokhamela instructs his sister Nirmala:
Sing the Lord’s name day and night! consequently your family life will be happily — heaven is right here! To repeat the name of the Lord is a great Sadhana, qualities like peace, forgiveness and compassion will naturally reside in you! Hearing this Nirmala was filled with joy and says: “I have embraced His feet!” (Sant Chokhamela)