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Brahmaputra River in Hinduism - Story - Association With Brahma

As per Hinduism, Brahmaputra River is a unique river as it is one of the rare holy rivers in India that is worshipped as a God and has a male name. Majority of the holy rivers in Hindu Religion are worshipped as Goddesses and has a female name like Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati, Kaveri etc. 

Brahmaputra is called the son of Brahma and has its source near the Lake Manasarovar in Mount Kailash. The legend associated with Brahmaputra is found in the Hindu Holy Scripture, Kalika Purana.

Story Of Brahmaputra River In Hinduism

Legend has it that Brahmaputra was the result of Lord Brahma’s desire to give birth to a son who will help humanity. For this he chose Amogha a pious woman. After the child was born he was placed near Kailash Mountain. Suddenly the child transformed into a huge body of water for the benefit of humans, saints and Devas (Demigods). A river that started to flow from the large water body was named as Brahmaputra.