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Sarvajna Vachana

A collection of teachings from Sarvajna Vachana.

One who realizes his Self will be free from all fears and evil.

Do not beg for anything from God because God is none but yourself if you root out Gunas and Desires from your heart.

When vision, taste, smell, touch and sound are conquered, one becomes God. He who has control over his senses leads a life of bliss on earth.

One can attain liberation even before death if one pursues the path of true knowledge. And true knowledge is seeing God in all animate and inanimate.

One who is content to eat what is available and wear what is available and one is content to live and sleep where he wants, is he not happy as a king.

If unchecked your own mind, eyes and tongue can destroy you.

One who avoid gluttony lives long.

Truth and good conduct if cherished dispel darkness called ajnana.

Those who weep excessively for the departed forget that they also will have to join them in due course of time.

Real Tirtha (sacred place) is the company of self realized people.

One who treats all alike is the one who deserves attention and distinction.

A crow when it sees some food stuff, it makes sound gathers other crows and shares it with all. They have a better social etiquette than a man.
Family attachments and wealth are all transient. They are like people who disperse from fair at nightfall.

It is wise to avoid arguments in the world, because the end of all arguments is ill will.
The world persecutes the man who is committed to truth but loves the man who spreads untruth through flattery and praises.

A fool boasts about what little he knows but a wise man keeps quite about what he knows and is safe.

Desire and anger not only afflict the body but also the mind. One who keeps away from desires and anger attains peace and happiness.