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Gandmool Nakshatras - Ganda Mool And Sarp Mool

The nakshatras Jyeshta, Revathi, Mool, Magha and Ashwini are mool indicating nakshatras. When a child is born in these nakshatras then appeasement is done after 27 days in the same nakshatras.

Ganda Moola Nakshatras
  • Starting 5 hours of Ashwini (Ashwathy), Magha and Moola 
  • Ending 5 hours of Moola, Jyeshta (Kettai or Triketta) and Ashlesha (Ayilyam)
Aslesha is also known as Sarp mool.

There is a belief that child born in Gand Mool Nakshatra will have problems in life. This is not at all true.

There are a vast majority of astrologers who believe that Gandmool should be ignored.

A popular belief is that children born in these time period will have severe health issues.

As per some astrologers, if there is any Aristi (danger to life) in horoscope like Pataki Aristi then for Ganda moola born people this Aristi is further intensified by the Gand Moola Nakshatra. If a native of Gand Mool Nakshatra survives, the person is found to be more intelligent compared to other children.

Saint Tulsidas, Saint Kabir Das, Kathia Baba, Trailanga Swami,  Guru Ramanand, Great Tantrik Baba Khyap were born in Gand mool nakshatras.

Offering prayers to Ganesha and Shiva on every nakshatra day in which the person is born is found to be highly helpful.