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Coronavirus Copper Face Mask Highly Effective – Ancient Hindu Knowledge – Next Big Business

Copper face mask to fight coronavirus is going to next big business. Hospitals around the world will soon being using bed sheets, pillow cases and clothes made using copper fabric as it is turning out to be highly effective and economical as it can be washed and reused. Medicinal benefits of copper was known to ancient Hindus but no one ever bothered to study it in detail or put to use in fabric.

Hindus have been using copper for centuries. Drinking water in copper vessel is common in Hindu families. It is considered healthy and is believed to improve immunity and blood circulation. Hindus also wear copper ornaments as a sort of protection against diseases.

It was well known in ancient India that copper can destroy harmful bacteria and viruses.

Now research has found that copper can inactivate novel coronavirus within four hours. The copper ions have the power to stop the virus from replicating.

As there seems to be no cure against coronavirus, companies have now started looking for best defense. Copper masks are slowly finding market across United States and Europe.

Copper infused fabric was invented by Virginia based Cupron around 10 years ago. It is now being used to make masks. (Read more about copper masks and the next new big business in US.)

Bed sheets and pillowcases in hospitals are being made using copper infused fabric.

Copper mesh masks are selling between $10 and $70.

If copper mask is to kill coronavirus then copper have to be incorporated into every fiber, rather than just on one single layer embedded inside the mask.

Copper masks can be washed and reused.

Japan has already started production of copper face masks.
The Gunma University-based venture Gunma University Development & Innovation (GUDi), in the Gunma prefectural city of Kiryu, and Meisei Industry Co., a manufacturer of tinsel wire in the prefecture's capital Maebashi, joined together to create the versatile item. It is hoped it will go to market soon and be adapted to a variety of existing products. 
The sheet has a semi permanent sterilization effect which causes virus particles to become inactive, meaning they lose their ability to cause infections, and is at the same time harmless to the human body. Among its preventative uses against the coronavirus, it can be worn over face masks or used to cover electrical light switches.

The sheet developed by the innovators in Gunma Prefecture, eastern Japan, has a visible light-responsive photocatalyst applied to its copper surface. Whenever the sheet is exposed to light, it activates substances with high oxidizing power that break down virus particles and bacteria. An experiment using E. coli found that a copper fiber sheet is 1,000 times more effective in fighting bacteria than copper alone is. (source)

If you wish to know more about the health benefits of copper known to ancient Hindus you can read it here.

Always remember Sanatana Dharma (ancient Hinduism) should never be thought in terms of modern day stupid religion (monolithic). Ours is a culture, a way of life, and our ancient seers did not preach religion, they taught us to live in harmony with nature. They were scientists who looked deep into the universe and nature. They never encouraged or taught to exploit nature. All our symbols, puja equipments, yagnas are all meant for beneficial for all the living beings.

Learn, read, and proudly spread the greatness of our culture.