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King Sagara – Ruler Of Ikshvaku Dynasty

Kinga Sagara was on the most powerful kings in the Ikshvaku dynasty of Surya Vamsha (the solar lineage). Sagara was the son of Bahuka, born posthumously. Srimad Bhagavata Purana narrates the story of this famous ruler of ancient India.

He conquered many kingdoms but was considerate to his enemies, Yavanas, Talajanghas, Shakas, Haihayas and the indigenous communities.

It is said that he had sixty thousand children by his queen Sumati.

King Sagara performed an Ashwamedha Yajna to celebrate his victories; however, the sacrificial horse was stolen by Indra out of jealousy, who hid it in the hermitage of Sage Kapila.

King Sagara, with the help of sixty thousand, searched everywhere in vain for the horse. They dug the earth while looking for the horse and in the process ocean water flowed into land.

They did find the horse in the Ashrama of Sage Kapila and, blind with fury, called the sage a thief. The enraged sage burnt all of them to death.

Amsuman, son of Sagara in his second wife, took it upon himself to search for the horse and his brothers. He succeeded in locating the horse in the Ashrama of Sage Kapila and also noticed the ashes of his brothers. He bowed in profound reverence before the sage and begged his forgiveness on behalf of his brothers. The sage was pleased and permitted him to take away the horse.

Sage also revealed that the release of the dead atmas of the brothers of his clan from the netherworlds was possible only if Ganga could be brought from the heavens to flow over their ashes.

Thus Amsuman enabled Sagara to complete the Ashwamedha Yajna, after which Sagara earned the title of Chakravartin. King Sagara then relinquished his kingdom to Amsuman and retreated to the forests. Bhagiratha, grandson of Amsuman, brought Ganga to Earth.