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Swami Adbhutananda Teachings

A collection of quotes and teachings of Swami Adbhutananda.

If you want to be great, give up hatred. A hateful man can never make progress. If you want to rise high up, renounce hatred. Perform good works alone.

The jealous people do not do good works; yet they want happiness. My dear, can one obtain happiness by fraud?

You have seen the world for such a long time. Now you have grown in age. What more is there for you? Do a little japa and perform some austerities. If you want peace, offer everything at his feet — your good and bad, sins and merits, all that you have. Giving him the power of attorney and remaining carefree, practise spiritual discipline without pretence.

God does not weigh the details of one’s birth. Rather, he regards one’s karma. Distinctions of birth and caste are all man made. They have no validity. In the realm of righteousness, all such concepts are worthless. Everyone is equal.

If you compare yourself with a person lying on the street, you will not feel pain, rather you will feel peace. As soon as you compare your own situation with that of a rich person, suffering will come to you. Give thanks to God that you are not suffering like the one lying on the street. You have at least a place to stand and some morsels of food to eat; you are not suffering much due to any particular need. One should pray to God when pain and suffering come. Moreover, one should see how many people are suffering more than you. If one can think in this way, one gets the power to endure one’s suffering and obtain peace of mind.

A small part of one’s mind turns towards religion and one starts to grow one’s hair long. My dear, if one grows one’s hair long, will that make one religious? Religion means one will have to realize God in this very life. One does not become religious only by saying: ‘dharma! dharma!’ One needs to do some karma; one
needs to perform spiritual practices.

In one moment you say something is good, the next moment you say it is bad. In a sense, you do not pay proper consideration before you speak. That is why this happens. One should only speak after analysis and after one’s mind accepts the idea. Then there will be no confusion. Otherwise, one will ultimately suffer the consequences.

If someone praises you, your chest expands five and a half cubits, and the moment someone slanders you, your mind contracts. I see that this is the habit of people. One is highly fortunate whose mind does not waver in the least at praise or blame. It may be said that God’s special grace is upon him.

One may commit a blunder and still show anger. One may create ruckus if given some advice. This type of attitude is mostly found in this world. That is why there is such confusion.

All relationships are focused around the body. When the body is healthy, everything seems good. When the body becomes sick, no one takes notice of you. You also feel as if nothing has any appeal.

On Offering with Devotion

On one occasion, a devotee bought a small piece of cheap cloth for the Divine Mother’s worship. Latu Maharaj was very upset. He remarked: ‘Throw away that cloth. It is too short. Why did you buy such a cheap one? Always offer a good cloth to the Mother, and if you cannot afford it, say with tears: “Mother, I am unable to offer anything to you. Please forgive me.”

Some people buy cheap, flimsy cloth, rotten fruit, or stale sweets for the worship of the Lord. Why do you offer the Lord these things which you yourself don’t want to use or eat? It is better not to worship at all than to do worship negligently.

He who offers the Lord’s things to the Lord with joy and love is really fortunate. The Lord does not accept anything that is not presented with devotion.’