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Self-confidence is an important quality to accomplish something in life

There is no menial job. Every job is important and we need to learn to respect people’s time and effort.

Self-confidence is an important quality to accomplish something in life. This you cannot buy from the market. You need to develop it.

There is no shortcut to success. It comes with hard work and unfathomable patience. Learning from mistakes is the most important step towards success. Failing, falling, getting up again and everything in between are important steps in success.

There will be no success and sense of achievement until you step out of your comfort zone. To have a sense of achievement and satisfaction one needs to be creative. For this one should live outside our comfort zones.

Comfort zones only create human robots. There is no new learning. There is no creativity. Put into a new situation these human robots fail miserably. They are just taught to lead a particular kind of life, which is often set and dictated by others.

When you are ready to work and live outside your comfort zone, you learn useful and important things about life. This will make you capable of adapting to various challenges that life throws up. It will make you a leader, motivator and innovator.

To achieve success we need to strike a balance between reality and ambition. Not all ideas are practical. Just because an idea is fresh or bold does not mean that it will be successful.

Stay away from negativity and negative people. Do not work and share your ideas with people who want to see you fail. If you focus on what other people will think, pessimism and negativity then you will attract the same things. Drop fear and move about boldly with your work and this will attract positivity and positive people.

Never shy away from defending your fort. Always stand up for things you believe in. You earn respect of others through this. This is also a way to show the world that you are a leader.

Never turn down an opportunity. Always do what you wanted to do in life. When you want to start a business or follow a passion or hobby or change jobs ask yourself as to what could really go bad. What worst can happen. Once you can imagine it then you will realize that it is not that bad. Then tell to yourself that this is the only life you have, so do what you have always wanted to do.