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He who has overcome the fear of the unknown is a true winner

He who has overcome the fear of the unknown is a true winner. He has achieved bliss – that which each human being is searching for on earth.

Every day is a challenge but there is no point in getting intimidated. We have to face it. The only way to face it is by not losing hope and by seeing the positive in every situation.

Practice equanimity. Do not get excited by anything including success and failure. Keep calm and composure in all situations. Good and bad are like bubbles. They do not have long life. But the ocean that is the reason behind each bubble is eternal. We should be interested in the ocean not in the bubbles.

Always search for the real source. Do not be satisfied with the unreal. Most of our search ends with the unreal. It has only a very short life. This is the reason for dissatisfaction in the world. When the real is understood, there will be no disappointment.

There should always be an inner motivation to know the unknown. In reality, there is no unknown. It is planted in our minds through our own ignorance, parents, attachment, desire, bad education and society. All our fears are due to this unknown. It exists because of our ego and the thought of duality.

True knowledge alone can remove the fear of the unknown. And the best way for it is to realize that what we call unknown is the thread that flows through all animate and inanimate. No being is outside that thread. Everything is connected to that thread. Once we understand that duality is superficial, there will be peace and eternal happiness.