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Ghrita – Ghee In Vedic Rituals In Hindu Religion

Ghrita – Ghee (clarified butter) is an offering in Vedic rituals. When ghee is used part of vedic rituals in Hindu religion it is called ajya and havisya.

The offering of a stream of ghee in the sacred fire, uttering the sacred Vedic chants, addressing a particular deity, with the words ending svaha is an age-old practice from Rig Vedic times (Rig Veda Mandala 6, sukta 16-47).

It is believed that the gods are propitiated and pleased by the devotional offering of ghee in the yajna rituals.

Agni, the fire god in Hinduism, is supposed to be the carrier of the ajya bhaga of each deity, in all the yajnas.

The mimamsa texts detail how the purification of the ghee for the yajna should be done, the storing and handling of the ghee using the sruka and sruva (ladles), the way it should be poured into the yajna fire, etc.

In the daily worship of deity in Hindu religion, the ajya snana – the smearing of the deity with ghrita and chanting – is a regular part of Panchamrit Snan (bathing with five sacred items – milk, curd, ghee, honey and water).

Ayurveda praises the medicinal value of ghee; and many medicinal preparations based on ghee are set out.