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Sadgati Vratam Dedicated To Brahma For Wealth

Sadgati Vratam is performed on the eighth day during the waxing phase (Shukla Paksha) in a Hindu lunar month and is dedicated to Lord Brahma. The Vrata is broken at night.

People perform this Sadgati Vrata for a year is believed to attain material progress similar to Indra – the king of Devas. When Sadgati Vratam is observed on the eight day during the waxing phase of moon in the Poush Month (December – January), it is known as Maha Rudra Vratam.

If Maha Rudra Vratam falls on a Wednesday it is considered even more auspicious.

Other deities that are worshipped on the day include Budha or Mercury.

A devotee observing the Sadgati Vratam usually eats only a little cooked rice on the day of fasting.

The story associated with Sadgati Vratam is listened to or read on the day.