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Gobhil Grihya Sutra In Hinduism

Gobhil Grihya Sutra is the domestic rituals as laid down by Gobhila. Grihya Sutras as the name suggests deal with grihya karmani (domestic rituals) which are marked by utmost brevity and terseness.

The Grihya Sutras present a systematic interpretation of domestic rituals as practiced in their respective schools. There is no strict uniformity in the general scheme of arrangement of the subject matter.

The number and order of the rites vary from one Grihya Sutra to another. All ceremonies prescribed in them are performed by the householder himself or by his wife, son, pupil or priest with the help of the grihyagni (sacred household fire).

The authorship of Gobhil Grihya Sutra is ascribed to Gobhil, who was a follower and perhaps a teacher f Sama Veda.

The text predates Mantra Brahmana, whose mantras are used at the performance of various grihya rites.

While describing the grihya rites, it quotes only the initial words of the mantras, which should accompany the grihya acts ad which are found in Mantra Brahmana. Those mantras that are not found in Mantra Brahmana are quoted in the text in their entirety.

Knauer holds that Mantra Brahmana precedes Gobhil Grihya Sutra, but Oldenberg regards the two as contemporaneous.

Khadira Grihya Sutra, which is an abridgement of Gobhil Grihya Sutra, also admits that the arrangement of the rites is based on the arrangement of mantras in the collection of mantras.