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Unmatta Bhairava – Mantra – Puja - Story of Unmatta Bhairava

Unmatta Bhairava is a fierce manifestation of Bhagavan Shiva. There are numerous stories associated with Unmatta Bhairava. Below you can read the Unmatta Bhairava story and the mantra to be chanted while worshipping this fierce form of Shiva.

Unmatta Bhairava Story

One of the most popular stories is associated with Andakasura.

The terror and adharma perpetuated by Andakasura became intolerable. Blinded by power and lust, Andkasura attacked Shiva.

From the blood of an angry Shiva appeared Unmatta Bhairava who put an end to the rule of Andakasura.

Another popular story has it that Shiva complained about the suffering on earth. But Brahma was not ready to listen to Shiva. He was so proud of his creation that a fifth head sprouted on him.

Shiva then took the form of Bhairava and nipped the fifth head of Brahma.

Another story has it that Brahma made fun of the dress of Shiva. Shiva roams the universe wearing animal hide and snake as ornaments. He constantly bathes in ash. When Brahma made fun of Shiva, a fierce form appeared from Shiva and it started chasing Brahma.

Brahma then offered prayers to Shiva and called the fierce form Unmatta Bhairava.

Unmatta Bhairava, Bhairav and Mahabhairava are all the same. The difference is in Tantric puja. There is a slight variation in the ferociousness of each form.

Unmatta Bhairava is worshipped for success in love matters. He also helps in keeping bad grahas in the horoscope under control.

Unmatta Bhairava Mantra

ह्रीं उन्मत्त भैरवाय नमः
Hreem Unmatta Bhairavaya Namah