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Reason Bhang and Shiva – Stories From Hindu Scriptures Why Bhang Is Favorite Of Shiva

There are numerous reasons as to why bhang is a favorite offering to Shiva in Hindu scriptures. Bhang is offered to Shiva and it is also consumed especially by staunch Shiva devotees. Here is look at some of the stories which explains why bhang is associated with Shiva.

Legend has it that Bhang has the property to nullify effect of poison  on the body of living beings. It is said that Shiva first used bhang after drinking the Halahala poison coming out from churning of ocean  (Samudra Manthan episode). The juice of the bhang plant cured Shiva and removed the poisonous effect of Halahala.

Another legend has it that a drop of Amrit or nectar fell on the Manthara mountain and a plant appeared on the spot. This was the bhang plant and Shiva used its leaves to make a drink. From that day it became the favorite drink of Shiva and it was offered to him and consumed by people as Shiva’s Prasad.

It is also believed that the Bhang plant was given to human beings by Shiva to make them realize the state of self realization, which is achieved through meditation and self enquiry. 

Another legend has it that younger sister of Ganga River wanted to stay with her elder sister Ganga. So she took the form of the Bhang plant and impressed Shiva. Shiva thus carried the plant everywhere  he went just like Ganga River on his head.

Another legend has it that once Shiva had a fight with his wife Goddess Parvati. In anger he went to the forest and started meditating. Soon he became hungry and he plucked some leaves of a plant nearby and drank its juice. He felt relieved and happy. This was the bhang plant and Shiva started using it from then onwards.

It is also believed that the famous Somras mentioned in the Vedas is the Bhang plant.

The plant provides freedom, peace, bliss and happiness.

Symbolically, the plant carries a person away from the world of suffering and unhappiness. It is a small period for a human being. But Shiva who is the Supreme Truth is constantly drowned in bliss.