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Lalleshwari Teachings And Quotes - From Poems Of Lalleshwari

Lalleshwari – a 14th century mystic poetess who lived in Kashmir – an ardent devotee of Shiva. This is a collection of quotes and teachings of Lalleshwari.

Just for a moment a flower grows,
Bright and brilliant on a green-clad tree:
Just for a moment a cold wind blows
Through the bare thorns of a thicket free.

Only is he blessed and at peace,
False hopes abandoned, who ascends
Where the hard loans of desire cease,
Where no debt, nor anyone that lends.

Thou art the heavens, and thou the earth:
Thou alone art day and night and air:
Thou thyself art all things that have birth,
Even the offerings of flowers fair.


I lost you out of ignorant attachment to my body. Then I wasted my time searching high and low. Finally I found you within, O Shiva, then we united in Bliss. Only though the grace and compassion of Siddhanath could this have happened.

When the mirror of my mind became clear, I realized the fundamental principle that resides in my relatives and others dear to me. And this non-dual knowledge completely destroyed all thoughts of 'you' and 'I'. I came to know that the entire world is not different from the divine.

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