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Parad Ganesh – Importance and Benefits of Parad Ganesh At Home – Parad Ganesh Mantra

Parad Ganesh is the murti of Ganapati made using mercury. In Hinduism, Parad Ganesh is considered highly auspicious and having it at home is meritorious. Below is the importance and benefits of Parad Ganesh and the mantra dedicated to the murti.

Importance and Benefits of Parad Ganesh

  • It is believed that there will be no problems in life if Parad Ganesh is worshipped at home.
  • The murti destroys all kinds of unhappiness. It does not allow negative forces to reside at home.
  • There will be peace and prosperity in life.
  • He protects the home.
  • It is an ideal solution to all kinds of Vastu dosh. Worshipping it will help in solving all vastu related problems.
  • The residents of the house will be blessed with intelligence. It is said that Parad Ganesh has the power to turn a fool into an intelligence person.
  • Financial problems will be settled and there will be no crisis related to wealth in life.
  • Installing Parad Ganesh murti in shop, business place or godown (warehouse) will help in getting profits.
  • Students worshipping Parad Ganesh daily in the morning will help in performing better in studies.
  • It is an ideal choice for those searching for new jobs, giving job related exams and interviews.
  • All kinds of negative energy will be kept out of the place where the murti is present.
  • Those worshipping Parad Ganesh daily will get relief from Pitru dosh, Griha Dosh and Kal Sarpa Dosh.

When to Bring Parad Ganesh Home?

Parad Ganesh should be brought home on Chaturthi – the fourth day after full moon and Amavasya. Chaturthi tithi in a Hindu lunar fortnight is dedicated to Ganesha.

Parad Ganesh Puja

  • Place the Parad Ganesh in the east or northeast side of the house on a red color cloth.
  • Take bath and perform puja daily. 
  • Light lamp using pure cow ghee - one wick is preferred.
  • Offer fragrance - dhoop or agarbatti.
  • Light camphor.
  • Apply kumkum or chandan
  • Offer red color flowers.
  • Offer a seasonal fruit.

Parad Ganesh Mantra

ॐ ह्रीं श्रीं गं गणपतयै नम:
Om Hreem Shreem Ham Ganpathaye Namah

Chant this mantra daily 108 times. Offer red color flowers.

Note - Merely bringing Parad Ganesh home and doing puja will not solve problems. One should have unwavering devotion. One should never discriminate. One should show kindness to all living beings. Ganesha protects one follows Dharma.