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Vaijayanti Mala – Garland – Necklace of Vishnu – Vaijayantimala

Vaijayanti Mala is the long garland or necklace worn by Bhagvan Vishnu. Symbolically this garland made of gems implies victory. Vaijayantimala is made upon five gems – Pancharatnas. The five gems are pearl, ruby, sapphire, diamond and emerald.

The five gems – mukta, manikya, nila, vajra and marakata – are also associated with Panchabhutas – five elements of nature.

Vishnu Purana states that Vaijayantimala is also known as Bhuta Mala as it is associated with the five elements.

It must be noted that in some scriptures especially in Vishnu Rahasya, ruby, diamond and emerald are replaced by Kaustubha, cat’s eye (gomedakam) and Topaz (pushya ragam).

Kaustubha is a jewel associated with Vishnu only. It appeared during the churning of ocean and Vishnu wears it.

Thus in this description Vaijayanti Mala is made up of Kaustubha, cat’s eye, topaz, pearl and sapphire. As per this description Sapphire represents earth, pearl represents water, kausthubha represents fire, cat’s eye represents air and topaz represents sky or ether.