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Tryakshara Ganapati - Mantra - Benefits Of Worshiping AUM form of Ganesha

Tryakshara Ganapati form of Ganesh is symbolically associated with the letter ‘AUM.’ It is also one of the 32 forms of Ganesha.

Benefit - This form of Ganesha is worshipped for attaining concentration and progress in education and career.

Tryakshara Ganapati mantra is:

Gajendravadanam Sakhshat chalatkarna suchaamaram
Hemavarnam Chaturbahum pashankushadharam Varam!
Svadantam dakshine haste savyetvamraphalamtathaa
Pushkare moodakam Chaiva Dharayantamusmaret!!

Tryakshara Ganapati has a third eye on the forehead. His color is that of gold. He has four hands and they hold noose, goad, mango and broken tusk. The trunk is depicted as holding the sweet, Modak.

Worship of this form of Ganesh helps in keeping the mind in control. Meditating on the primordial sound AUM helps in self realization.