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Who is an Ascetic As Per Hinduism? – Qualities And Characteristic Of An Ascetic

As per Hinduism a true ascetic is an avadhuta and is so called because he is all-knowing and immortal (one beyond the constraints of physical body). The qualities and characteristics of an ascetic are found in the Avadhuta Upanishad, Turiyatita Upanishad and Nirvana Upanishad.

Qualities And Characteristic Of An Ascetic In Hindu Religion

  • A true ascetic rests constantly on himself after crossing the barriers of gender, caste, and stages of social position. The person thus rises above the occupational divisions, and stages of life.
  • For a true ascetic there is nothing righteous or unrighteous, nothing holy or unholy.
  • The person transcends all religious duties.
  • An ascetic rises above both knowledge and ignorance.
  • The person is unaffected by praise, pride, rivalry, ostentation, haughtiness, desire, hatred, love, anger and the like.
  • The person treats his body as a corpse, as it were, and is never affected by heat or cold.
  • An Ascetic sees no difference between the creator and the creation.
  • There is no death but only transformation.