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Story from Jambapuranam – How Renuka Became Sri Yellamma? - Origin of Chindu Community

Jambapuranam is popular in parts of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and it is associated with the Chindu community who performs the Chindu Yakshagana. This story narrates how Renuka became Yellamma. It also describes the origin of Chindu community.

Rishi Jamadhagni, husband of Renuka, doubted her fidelity and ordered their son Parashurama to kill her. Renuka wandered around for long to escape from Parashurama and finally she hid in Jambavamuni’s leather bag.

Renuka requests Jambavamuni not to reveal her presence to Parashurama.

But all attempts by Jambavamuni to divert the attention of Parashurama failed.

Parashurama discovers Renuka and kills her.

Benevolent Sri Renuka Mata transforms into malevolent and fierce Sri Yellamma. In her fierce fury, she destroys everything before her eyes and wants to kill all living beings and drink their blood to avenge them for not protecting her from her son.

Seeing this transformation, Jambavamuni asks his eldest sons to pacify Sri Yellamma’s fury. But they refuse by explaining their inability. His powerful middle son also expresses his inability.

Jambavamuni then asks his youngest son Chindu Jivamahamuni to pacify Sri Yellamma.

Chindu Jivamahamuni wanted to know why Jambavamuni who had pacified Adi Parashakti during his younger days could not pacify Sri Yellamma.

Jambavamuni says his inability is due to his injured knee and he cannot dance to please the fierce goddess.

Chindu Jivamahamuni accepts his father’s request to pacify Sri Yellamma but he puts the condition that his father should transfer all the 32 titles that he received for pacifying Sri Adishakti to him.

Jambavamuni immediately accepts his son’s condition and transfers all the 32 titles.

Chindu Jivamahamuni wears all the 32 titles, transforms into Gosangi, and pacifies Sri Yellamma.

Sri Yellamma blesses Chindu Jiva Muni by giving the boon that his progeny would have the first right to perform Yellamma vesham (act).