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Sheetla Mantra – A Collection Of Sheetla Devi Mantra In Hindi

Sheetla mata is a powerful deity who should be worshipped in the present age. Pollution and dirt created by human beings are unleashing powerful diseases all around the world. Ancient Hindus worshipped Mata Sheetla to keep away disease causing microorganisms. She was also worshipped for good health and good immunity.

Sheetla Devi Carries a broom – it symbolically indicates cleanliness.

Collection Of Sheetla Devi Mantra In Hindi

Chant this mantra to overcome infectious diseases like chicken pox.
शीतले त्वं जगन्माता शीतले त्वं जगत्पिता।
शीतले त्वं जगद्धात्री शीतलायै नमो नमः।।

Chant this mantra daily for the good health of children and other family members
ह्रीं श्रीं शीतलायै नमः

Chant this mantra for early cure of serious diseases.
वन्देहंशीतलांदेवीं रासभस्थांदिगम्बराम्।
मार्जनीकलशोपेतां सूर्पालंकृतमस्तकाम्।।