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Pancha Pallava Trees In Hindu Puja – Five Tree Leaves In Hinduism

Pancha pallava is widely used in Hindu puja. It is a twig with five leaves or twigs of five trees. The five trees are:
  1. Mango
  2. Banyan (Vata)
  3. Fig (pipala)
  4. Bakul (maulsari)
  5. Jackfruit (katahana)
  • Lemon tree leaf is used instead of jackfruit leaves if it is a semi tantric puja.
Bakula - Spanish Cherry - Elengi
Leaves used in Regular home puja
A mango twig with five leaves should be used in every day puja and worship at home (nitya puja).

Importance of Pancha Pallava
  • Pancha Pallava is an essential element of all kinds of worship.
  • In an elaborate puja, the five different types of leaves are used.
  • Symbolically the leaves represent five senses. As per some scholars, it represents the five sheaths that have to be given up to reach the core.
  • The five leaves are to be placed atop a water vessel.
  • The five leaves and water vessel is a symbol and signifies the Goddess.