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Five Verses from Ekatma Panchakam of Sri Ramana Maharishi

1) When, forgetting the Self, one thinks that the body is oneself and goes through innumerable births and in the end remembers and becomes the Self, know this is only like awakening from a dream wherein one has wandered all over the world.

In a dream, one may go on a world-tour and in the dream, itself return home and lie down in one’s own bed; but when one awakes one knows that it was all a dream. In the same way all of one’s samsaric reincarnations are only a long-drawn out dream, at the end of which only the Self remains, unaffected by all this. There is a difference here, because it was not the Self that dreamed, but only the ego-mind.

Five Verses from Ekatma Panchakam of Sri Ramana Maharishi

2 ) One ever is the Self. To ask oneself ‘Who and whereabouts am I?’ is like the drunken man enquiring, ‘Who am I?’ and ‘Where am I?’

Here the difference is that the drunken man puts the question to others, but the sadhaka puts the question to his own ignorant, false self. The real Self remains unaffected all the time.

3) The body is within the Self. And yet one thinks one is inside the inert body, like some spectator who supposes that the screen on which the film is thrown is within the picture.

4) Does the ornament of gold exist apart from the gold? Can the body exist apart from the Self? The ignorant one thinks ‘I am the body’. The enlightened one knows ‘I am the Self’.

Here the truth is that the one Self is the substratum of all appearances. This has been explained before. In the true state there is no superimposition, only the substratum remains, but it is no longer a substratum.

5) The Self alone, the sole reality, exists forever. If of yore the first of teachers revealed it through unbroken silence, say, who can reveal it in spoken words?

So this is the rationale of the silent teaching by God as Dakshinamurti, the first Guru. Rightly to teach the Self is to be perfectly quiet. That is teaching by being only the Self, without ego and without mind. He who likewise remains as the Self, mind-free and egoless, understands this silent teaching.
Thus the truth of non-becoming is confirmed.

The knowledge thus far imparted is only preparatory to the teaching of the means of obtaining the right awareness. It is not itself that awareness.

Source -  Sri Ramana Paravidyopanishad