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Five Grains In Hindu Puja – Pancha Sasya Meaning In Hinduism

Pancha Sasya is an essential element of all kinds of worship in Hinduism. It is the five grains uses in Hindu puja.

The five Grains are:
  1. Paddy
  2. Barley
  3. Black Sesame
  4. Mung Bean – Green Gram
  5. Black whole urad – Black Gram
Symbolically the five grains represent hope, well being, happiness and fertility.

The presence of the five grains at a home signifies good harvest – which is the result of hard work and unity in the family.

Nine Grains In Hindu Puja

In some regions instead of five, nine grains are used in Hindu puja especially during Navratri and Navagraha puja.

The nine grains are
  1. Barley,
  2. Sesame (Til)
  3. Wheat,
  4. Paddy,
  5. Whole Moong (Green Gram),
  6. Black Chana (Black Chick Pea),
  7. Whole Urad Black,
  8. Whole Mustard Seeds,
  9. Whole Masoor