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Baba Hari Dass Quotes - Teachings - Has Not Been Speaking Since 1952

Baba Hari Dass is a silent monk and guru who has not spoken since 1952 and communicates by writing. Here is a collection of teachings and quotes of Baba Hari Dass

Learned is one who can distinguish between the Self and the mind. Ignorant is the one who identifies with the body.

One who depends on fate or destiny and does not make an effort remains sitting like one who sits by the seashore waiting for a pearl to wash up.

Without reducing negative qualities progress in spiritual life is as impossible as carrying water in a sieve.

If you work on yoga, yoga will work on you.

A realized being holds an apple in the hand but not in the mind.

If you run after the world the world will run from you. If you run from the world, it will run after you.

People easily drop out from small setbacks. Firmness of aim automatically brings faith. Without faith, the aim can't be stable.

We have to be honest to ourselves in our spiritual life.

It is always a desire, which pulls the mind out in the world taking various forms. Sometimes the form of desire appears as if very spiritual, but deep inside, there is a desire of name, fame, etc.

The biggest obstacle to Self-realization is the deluded mind. The mind which is colored by our ego, attachment and desire.

Life and the duties of life always go together. The Bhagavad Gita, and all universal religious scriptures, teaches that to have meaning, satisfaction and happiness in life one must practice one’s duty. Duty means taking care of one’s self, one’s family, one’s community and one’s county, as well as caring for the human family and God’s creation. Duty also means discovering one’s nature-born qualities and developing one’s hidden talents so that our best is shared.

Compassion is our nature. It is blocked by the ego and develops when the mind is pure. The mind is purified by dispassion. Compassion means deep sympathy for the sufferer. Because we have experience of sufferings and we understand the sufferings of others, so we develop compassion. But it is still a lower type of compassion. The highest compassion is with dispassion. We are not attached to the act of compassion. It automatically happens.