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How to Get Rid of Vastu Dosh With Ganesh Idol?

As per Hindu astrology and vastu, the best option to get rid of Vastu dosh is to have a Ganesh idol at home. All kinds of vastu defects will be removed after having a Ganesha murti. Here is a brief idea on how to keep the Ganesh idol to get rid of Vastu dosh.

The Ganesh murti should made of metal or pure clay. Murti made of other materials will not be effective.

The murti can be place in house, shop, godown (warehouse) and other business establishments.

The murti of Ganesha will help in keeping out all kinds of negative forces, evil eye, Alakshmi (misfortune), accidents, and other kinds of negative energy.

Dancing form of Ganesha in home will help in spreading positive energy. This is ideal for home.

When keeping Ganesha at home or shop one should make sure that, he is constantly looking at the main door or main entrance.

Shops, business establishments and warehouse should have Ganesha in blessing posture.

The picture or murti should always be kept neat.

There should be no blockage in front of the murti.

Old flowers, fruits, water, liquid and other food items should be kept in front of Ganesha.

The place should be simple and neat. Remove whatever you offer to Ganesha after an hour.

An angry Ganesha can cause all kinds of problems in life. Therefore, one should be extremely careful not to earn his wrath.