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Reason Skull Garland Of Kali - Why Goddess Kali Wear Garland Of Skulls?

When you surrender to the Divine Mother, you stop measuring and analyzing everything with your trained, logical mind. You begin to accept every day as a gift from Her and realize that the circumstances in your life will rarely occur in the sequential order that you expect. The way your life is arranged is the best possible combination that is required to foster your internal growth and evolution. When you surrender at the Lotus Feet of the Mother with this attitude, she accepts the skull called your intellect and wears it in the garland around Her Neck.

The intellect is only one expression of the Ego. Ego has multiple manifestations. Even after you surrender the intellect, various heads of the Ego keep popping up in the form of impatience, anger, jealousy, greed etc. Each of these heads has to be chopped off. To accomplish this, the Divine Mother sends a Guru to you, who will initiate you into a ‘bija mantra’ (a powerful sacred syllable).

The scythe that the Mother holds in Her hand symbolises this bījamantra. As you constantly chant the mantra, it will behead the multiple heads of the Ego, as and when they arise. Finally when the Ego is completely dissolved, we resemble a mass of 54 amorphous jelly. Then the Divine Mother takes us in Her own hands and shapes us into a form that reflects Her own Divinity.

Source - Excerpt from the book Wisdom through the Eyes of Nimishananda