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Story of Birth of Murugan

When Adharma flourishes, the Supreme Truth appears in one form or another to restore Dharma and the story of the birth of Murugan is no different. Three demons – Surapadman, Simhamukha and Tarakasura – armed with powerful boon that only a son born of Shiva would kill them embarked on a massive rampage and devastation. The Devas and human beings were overpowered and Adharma flourished.

The demons were of the belief that Shiva who was in deep meditation will not return to the life of a householder. So they thought the one destined to fight them will never be born.

On advice of Brahma, Kamdev deployed his arrows on flowers to wake up Shiva from his meditation and instill passion for the benefit of the world. Kamdev succeeded in his mission but was burnt into ashes by the fury of Shiva.

The divine spark that emanated from Shiva as a result divided into six and Vayu (wind) and Agni (fire) carried them and deposited it in Ganga. The Holy River placed them in a cluster of weeds and here the sparks assumed the form of six babies.

The six Devis (goddess) of Karthikai – the third constellation of the 27 birth stars – took care of the six babies. Goddess Parvati on realizing that the divine manifestation has taken place rushed to the spot and lifted the six babies up. Suddenly the six faces and twelve hands merged into One – Murugan was born –

Known by the names of Kartik, Kartikeya, Muruga, Skanda, Shanmukha, Velayudha, Swaminatha….this divine manifestation guides millions of people on the path of self realization.

Murugan then took the mantle of the General of Devas and put an end to the Adharma of the demons.