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Ravana Worshipped In Khonpura Village - Madhya Pradesh

Ravan, the archrival of Sri Ram in Ramayana, is considered as an embodiment of evil by majority of the people. But there are Hindu communities that worship him and consider the positive aspects of his character, especially Ravan’s deep devotion for Hindu God Shiva. The people of Khonpura Village in Madhya Pradesh worship a 45-foot Ravana murti, which is believed to be more than 200 years old.

The huge murti of Ravana is worshipped on the open ground of the Khonpura Village.

Elders in the village say that whenever the murti of Ravana was damaged – due to heavy rains or lightning – there would be something untoward happening in the village. As soon as the murti is repaired and worshipped, peace and good times return to the village.

When huge effigies of Ravana are burnt on the Dasara day in Ashwin month, the Namdev Community of Khonpura Village worships him.

The villagers testify that praying before the murti of Ravan helps in curing various diseases. New born children are brought before the idol to seek blessings.

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