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Why Green and Leafy Vegetables are not consumed in Shravan or Sawan Month?

Many Hindus do not eat green and leafy vegetables during Shravan or Sawan Month (July - August). Why is palak, amaranth, mooli, methi etc avoided in Shravan month? It is not superstition but there is a scientific reason behind this.

Hindu scriptures have strictly prohibited the eating of leafy vegetables in Shravan. This is because the amount of bacteria in the vegetables and leaves increases as it is rainy season. The green leaves and other vegetables that are available in the market are often filled with mud and dirt. So it is advised to avoid green and leafy vegetables in the month.

It also believed that body’s immunity power reduces in this month as sun is always behind dark clouds.

Stomach and skin related ailments increase in Shravan month if one consumes leafy vegetables daily.

Dried vegetables and dals are to be consumed in Shravan month.