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Chandra Dosha Pariharam

Chandra Dosha happens when the positioning of Chandra or moon god in a person’s horoscope is weak or in a bad position. Persons who have Chandra Dosham should do certain remedies (pariharam). People with this dosha will face financial difficulties including sudden loss of wealth. To overcome Chandra Dosha, the ideal option is to do worship of Durga or Kali on Mondays and also on birth tithi or rashi.

People with Chandra Dosha in horoscope will see relatives becoming enemies, mother facing troubles, trouble in relationships, depression, physical weakness, skin diseases etc.

Chandra Dosha usually affects people who are born on Amavasya night. People born in Vrischika Rasi also face Chandra Dosha.

To overcome the difficulties one should wear white dress on Mondays and visit Goddess Shakti Temples. Such people should also wake up early morning and take bath before sunrise.

Some astrologers suggest that wearing pearl helps in alleviating the bad effects.

The best and ideal solution is to worship Shiva daily. Chant 'Om Namah Shivaya' mantra daily 108 times. Once in a month offer white color sweet as prasad and later distribute it among children.