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Varuna Mantra For Wealth And Money

It is believed that chanting the Varuna Mantra will help in solving all kinds of financial difficulties. Many people chant the Varuna mantra for wealth and to get money quickly. The mantra is highly beneficial when a devotee chants the mantra and performs action with desiring the fruits of the action.

Varuna Mantra For Wealth

वरुणस्योत्तम्भनमसि वरुणस्य सकम्भ सर्ज्जनीस्थो।
वरुणस्य ऋतसदन्यसि वरुणस्य ऋतसदनमसि वरुणस्य ऋतसदनमासीद्।।

The mantra should be chanted early morning along with the sunrise. Keep a vessel filled with water on the north side of the house. Sit facing north and chant the mantra 108 times.

The person chanting the mantra should make efforts to conserve water and should take initiative to clean rivers, ponds, wells etc.