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Story of Vitthal Rukmini of Pandharpur – How Rukmini is Standing Near Vitthal in Pandharpur?

At the world famous Pandharpur Temple, Bhagavan Vitthal is worshipped along with Rukmini. Here is the story of Vitthal Rukmini of Pandharpur.

Krishna is usually worshipped along with Radha; but it is his consort Rukmini, who is worshipped in Pandharpur.

Legend has it that once Rukmini had a fight with Sri Krishna. She left her abode in Dwarka and reached Pandharpur. Here she started meditating on the banks of Chandrabhaga River.

Soon Sri Krishna reached the spot to mollify Rukmini. While talking with Rukmini and trying to pacify his wife, Sri Krishna remembered about his devotee Pundalik and decided to give him darshan.

When Sri Krishna reached the house of Pundalik he was taking care of his old parents and without looking who is at the door, Pundalik pushed a brick asked the guest to sit on Veet (brick).

Krishna who was moved by the parental devotion of Pundalik stood on the brick waiting for his devotee to finish his duties. Mata Rukmini also came and stood near Sri Krishna.

The temple of Pandharpur is built around the spot in which Sri Krishna and Rukmini stood waiting for Bhakta Pundalik.