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Goddess Kamalaja – Hindu Goddess Kamalaja Devi

Goddess Kamalaja, is an incarnation of Goddess Shakti, and in this form she is believed to have helped Shiva in fighting Demon Tripurasura. Goddess Lakshmi is also referred as Goddess Kamalaja especially when she is associated with the Vasudeva Kamalaja.

Vasudeva Kamalaja is half man - half woman incarnation of Hindu God Vishnu (Ardhanari Vishnu), which is mentioned in texts associated with Hindu culture in Nepal. Here Vasudeva is Vishnu and Kamalaja is Goddess Lakshmi.

Temples dedicated to Goddess Kamalaja Devi as an incarnation of Goddess Parvati is found at Bhimashankar Temple dedicated to Shiva in Maharashtra. Another popular temple dedicated to the Goddess is found near the Lonar Crater in Maharashtra.

Goddess Kamalaja Devi is worshipped on Tuesdays.

The popular belief is that this incarnation of Goddess Shakti got the name Kamalaja as Brahma used to worship Her with Kamal or lotus flowers.