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Different Types of Shivling and Benefits of Their Worship

Shivling is the symbol of the Supreme Truth. Bhagavan takes for the sake of devotees. Here are the different types of Shivling and benefits of their worship.

Shivling made of pearl (moti) will help in achieving prosperity and wealth.

Worshipping Shivling made using eight metal will help in curing skin diseases and leprosy.

Worshipping Shivling made using Cat’s eye (Lahsuniya Ratna) will help in defeat of enemies. Enemy will suffer both mentally and physically.

Shivling made of jaggery will help in fulfillment of sexual desire.

Worshipping Shivling in ling mudra – Shivling made using two hands – will help in desire fulfillment.

Shivling made using makkan (butter) will help in achieving fame, honor and auspiciousness in life.

Shivling made using Awla (gooseberry) will help in achieving moksha or salvation.

Worshipping Shivling made using fruits will help in better luck and prosperity.

For having healthy and intelligent children, one should worship natural Shivling found in the form of bud in bamboo tree.

For property gains, to buy house or flat, one needs to worship made using flowers.

One will get wealth and healthy children, if one worships Shivling made using grains.

Worshipping Shivling made using Kasturi (saffron) will achieve Shivlok and will have a peaceful and prosperous life on earth.

For all around prosperity and happiness, one should worship Shivling made using Bhasma.

Desire fulfillment is the result of worshipping Shivling made using mud.

Happiness, pleasure and material desires will be fulfilled if a person worships Shivling made using salt.

Silver Shivling ushers in peace, prosperity and the person will be blessed with good wisdom.

For attaining Sarva Siddhi, a person needs to worship Shivling made using Ashtadhatu.

For spiritual wealth, liberation or moksha, one should worship Shivling made of gold.

Mercury Shivling worship helps in achieving peace and prosperity in life.

Shivling made using natural materials, which will soon perish, need to be put in a river or pond or lake.

Shivling made using metal and other materials should be reused.

Shivling made using unnatural materials should never be worshipped.