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Budha Amarnath Yatra to Budha Amarnath Temple in Jammu and Kashmir

Budha Amarnath Yatra is annually held in Shravan month to the famous Swami Budha Amarnath Ji Temple dedicated to Hindu God Shiva. The temple is around 25 km northeast of Poonch town in Jammu and Kashmir. The yatra begins on the 3rd day (August 7) of the waxing phase of moon in Shravan month. The important rituals are performed on Shravan Purnima day. In 2024, Budha Amarnath Yatra is from August 17 to August 19, 2024.

Budha Amarnath Temple is famous for a naturally formed white Shivling. The main temple is carved into a single rock.

The temple is located on the confluence of rivers Nallah Gagri and Pulsta Nadi. Four holy springs also rise near the temple and devotees perform holy bath in the springs.

The chhari mubarak journey to the temple begins three days before Raksha Bandhan from Dashnami Akhara Poonch.