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Slant of Earth Due to Shiva’s Marriage and How Sage Agastya Rectified It

Skanda Purana narrates an interesting tale which narrates the greatness of Sage Agastya. The incident took place during the marriage ceremony of Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The divine wedding was happening in the Himalayas and all the living beings on earth headed towards the great White Mountains.

Now all the living beings on the earth assembled on the Himalayas and the great mountain slanted due to the imbalance in weight. As a result the earth slanted.

There was confusion on earth and to maintain equilibrium, Shiva asked Sage Agastya to head towards the South.

Agastya then moved towards South and sat in meditation on the southern tip and equilibrium of earth was restored.

This story symbolically narrates the spiritual greatness of Sage Agastya.