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Subhashitas – Immortal Teachings From Sanskrit

This is a collection of Subhashitas. Subhasitas are sanskrit teachings and this is a English translation of them.

One who frequently ask questions, listens carefully, who always recapitulates what he has learn and makes it perfect, blooms like a lotus as the flower blooms when it comes in contact with the rays of the sun.

Where is the question of knowledge for one who is interested in pleasure? And where is the question of pleasure for a knowledge seeking student? If one wants pleasure, he must sacrifice knowledge, and if one wants knowledge, he must sacrifice pleasure.

Knowledge and money should be gained using every second and every ounce of money. Where is the gain in knowledge if one loses every second of time, and where is the question of raising money if one loses an ounce of that money?

One must gain knowledge and earn money thinking that he will never die or grow old. Simultaneously, one must perform righteous deeds thinking that death is holding his hair.

‘This person is my kin and that one is alien’ such a thought occurs only to the narrow-minded people. To the broad-minded person the whole world is one family.

Fire, loan and enemy traces, even if they remain in small amount, they grow back repeatedly, hence finish them without leaving a trace.

Happiness is the highest gain,
Noble company is highest achievement
Questioning is highest knowledge,
Forgiveness is highest enjoyment

When forests are on fire, wind becomes it's ally
The same wind is also responsible to extinguish a small lamp.

Giving donation is the ornaments of hands
Speaking truth is the ornament of voice
Listening to scriptures and words of knowledge is the ornament of ears
Seeing everyone equally is the ornament of eyes.