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Gujarati Ramayan – Giridhar Ramayana Importance Story

The Gujarati Ramayan is popularly knownas Giridhar Ramayana. This version is named after the author-poet Giridhar. The original title of Giridhar Ramayana was Sriramacaritrasammata Valmikinatakadhara. It highlights the devotional aspect of Sri Ram and this is the importance of this version. The most important story in it is the incident of Vibhishana, brother of Ravana, surrendering before Sri Ram.

Gujarati Giridhar Ramayana is in even cantos. In this retelling of Valmiki Ramayan, the unique feature is in the incident of Vibhishana Saranagati. Rama accepted Vibhishana when the latter surrendered to him and promised Lanka to him, adorning his forehead with red kumkum.

At this, Sugriva raised a question to Rama as to how Rama would keep his word to Vibhishana if Ravana surrendered to him, releasing Sita.

Rama replied that he would give the entire Ayodhya to Ravana and Lanka would be left for Vibhishana.