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Story – Every Incident Has a Reason – Conversation between Sage Narada and Vishnu

Every incident has a reason; we make our decision merely based on a particular incident. But that incident is connected to a previous and future incident. In a conversation between Sage Narada and Vishnu, we get to know why sometimes sinners are rewarded and good people punished.

One day Sage Narada reached Vaikunta the abode of Vishnu. Sage Narada roams the entire universe and therefore he is always filled with information about the universe.

Sage Narada offered his prayers and started a conversation with Bhagavan Vishnu.

He told Bhagavan Srihari Vishnu that his influence is waning on earth. Dharma is taking a beating and Adharma is prospering.

Narada complained that those who follow Dharma are not getting good results. But evil people and sinners are getting rewarded.

Vishnu tried to console Sage Narada by telling him that all that is happening on earth is already decided and there is a reason behind everything.

Narada was not satisfied and he told Vishnu that he just came to Vaikunta after witnessing an incident in which a kind and helpful person was punished and a selfish wrongdoer was rewarded.

Bhagavan Vishnu then asked Narada to explain the incident.

Sage Narada was chanting Narayan name and roaming in a forest.

He saw the legs of a cow trapped in a pit. The cow was trying hard to get out of the pit but it had been badly caught in the pit.

People who passed by did not help the cow.

Then a healthy robber came the way. He found the cow blocking his path. Instead of helping the poor animal, he kept his foot on it and went ahead.

The robber went ahead and soon found a bag full of gold coins.

A few hours later, an old saint passed through the path. He was weak. Still, he attempted to rescue the cow from the pit. The saint failed in his attempts but he did not give up. After putting all his mental and physical strength, the poor saint was able to rescue the cow.

After rescuing the cow, the saint gave it some water and fresh grass. He blessed the cow, caressed it, and went ahead.

But soon the old saint stamped on a thorn and it hurt him. The saint removed the thorn, put some leaves on it, and then walked towards his destination without complaining.

Sage Narada wanted to know the reason why the sinner was rewarded and the do-gooder was punished.

Bhagavan Vishnu told Sage Narada that he came to a conclusion regarding life on earth based on what he had seen.

Vishnu then told Sage Narada that the robber who had stamped on the cow and walked ahead was destined to discover a huge treasure. But due to his sinful act, he got a few gold coins.

The old saint was to suffer long on earth and was to get impaled for the sins of his previous birth. But due to the pious act of saving the cow, he washed away all the sins of this and previous birth. For all his sins, he just had to suffer a pricking of thorn.

Vishnu told Sage Narada that everything happens with a reason on earth.