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What Is True Spirituality? – Finding Answer Through The Words Of Sri Ramakrishna

The realization of God is of two kinds: - The one is the unification of the jivatman and paramatman; and the other is to see Him in his personal manifestation. The former is jnanam and the latter Bhakti.

When does a man get his salvation? Only when his egoism dies.

Pure knowledge and pure love are both one and the same.

He who does not find God within himself will never find Him outside of himself. But he who sees Him in the temple of his own soul sees Him also in the temple of the universe.
When all personality is effaced, then one realizes the knowledge of the Absolute in Samadhi.

Anandam or enjoyment of perfect bliss within is one of the signs of God vision.

As lamp brought into a room which has been in darkness for a thousand years, illumines it immediately, even so the light of jnanam illumines the jiva, and dispels his age long ignorance.

True guru is a matchmaker, he brings man and God together even as a matchmaker brings together the lover and the beloved.

Realization of truth by oneself makes the greatest impression. It is better that hearing and reading.

The easiest way of concentrating the mind is to fix it on the flame of a lamp.
God is seen when the mind is perfectly tranquil.

The two characteristics of intense devotion are, first, forgetfulness of the external world, and, second, forgetfulness of one’s body.

Visit not the miracle mongers and the exhibition of occult powers. These men are stragglers from the path of Truth.

God is to be reached by child like faith and gentleness. So long as one does not become simple like a child, one does not get the divine illumination.

Let the household do his work with one hand, and touch the feet of the Lord with the other.

 God is formless and God is possessed of form too. And He is also that which transcends both form and formlessness. He along knows what all He is.

God is in all men but all men are not in God, and that is why they suffer.