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Choose God As Our Main Player And Allow Him Make The Moves

Story from the life of Pandava brothers inspires us to make God as our main player. By allowing god to choose god as our main player we are ensuring our victory because his moves will never end in disasters.

The great five Pandava brothers, when they were in exile, once complained to Sri Krishna about the endless sufferings they had to undergo, despite He, Sri Krishna, the Lord, being with them always.

Sri Krishna smiled and explained, when you were playing the game of dice with the Kauravas, which you had accepted as part of your royal disposition, and when it was offered that either side could choose anyone whom they held accomplished to represent them as their main player who will decide the moves, while Kauravas chose their uncle Shakuni, you chose your own elder brother whose skills in dealing with this challenge were no equal to it. If you had chosen Me as your main player, the whole story would have been different.

The moral is that we should choose God as our main player and allow Him take the move for those will be indeed the right moves. In other words, when we make God, or spiritual life, as the centre of our life, we become free from all worry and pain. This is how we can bring Vedanta into our daily lives.

Source – Excerpts from ‘Bringing Vedanta into Daily life’ by Swami Abhiramananda published in March 2015 edition of Vedanta Kesari (page 23)