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Yanamadurru Shiva Temple – Shiva Worshipped In Shirshasana Form In Andhra Pradesh

Yanamadurru near Bhimavaram in Andhra Pradesh is home to a very unique Shiva temple. Lord Shiva murti worshipped in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple is in Shirshasana form. Goddess Parvati in the same sanctum is depicted as holding child Subrahmanya Swami.

Shiva murti is found in the shrine in upside form.

A drawing of the sanctum sanctorum of Yanamadurru Shiva Temple
The temple is around 10 km south of Bhimavaram in Andhra Pradesh.

The temple is known as Sri Parvati Sameta Sri Shakteeshwara Swamy Vaari Temple.
Another name of the temple is Sri Shakteeshwara Temple.

It is believed that the murti worshipped in the shrine belongs to the Treta Yuga. Lord Shiva is known here as Shakteeshwara and also Shirshasana Swamy.

The temple has a Nandi facing the sanctum. There is another murti of a five-headed serpent. It is believed that live serpents always visit the temple.

The pushkarini or pond of the temple is known as Shakti Gundam. The water in the pond is believed to have curative properties.

Story Of Yanamadurru Shiva Temple

Yanamadurru is associated with Yama, the god of death in Hinduism.  A demon named Sambhera was wreaking havoc in the region. People asked Yama to help them. The demon was too powerful and Yama could not defeat him.

Yama went to Kailash and sought the help of Shiva. But Lord Shiva was performing Yoga. Goddess Parvati was holding little Subrahmanya in her arms. She blessed Yama with a part of her.

With the help of Goddess Parvati, Yama defeated the demon and rescued the people of the region.

Yama then requested Goddess Parvati and Shiva to come and settle in the place in the same posture as he saw them in Kailash. The wish of Yama was granted and the deities protected the region from demons and diseases by residing in the temple built for them by Yama.