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Concept Of Happiness In Hinduism

The most important concept of happiness in Hinduism is that when the source of our happiness is based on an outside factor, it will end up in suffering. Happiness is never outside but it is within us. The happiness provided by sense objects will perish like dew in the morning. Aim for bliss which cannot be taken away by any external force. There can be no happiness when there is attachment and fear.

To be happy many people try to avoid problems. The best option to deal with problems is to confront them rather than avoiding them.

Disease, old age, death all these will come anyway. Be prepared to face them. If we are not prepared such issues, become an unbearable mental problem. Achieve bliss while living on earth by gathering true knowledge.

We are all seeking something better in life and that something is within us.

The word ‘happy’ is derived from the Icelandic word ‘happ’ meaning luck or chance. So, true happiness as per western concept is elusive or ungraspable. But in Hinduism there is no external happiness, there is only bliss. It is not something to be searched and found. It is not based on luck or chance. If you understand the truth then you can be really happy. It is to be realized. That we are bliss.

When bliss is realized, we become more sociable, flexible, creative, loving and forgiving. We also get energy to tolerate and overcome life’s daily frustrations.

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj: Nothing can make you happier than you are, All search for happiness is misery and leads to more misery. The only happiness worth the name is the natural happiness of conscious being.

Abhilash Rajendran