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Mind Control Techniques in Hinduism

Controlling mind is next to impossible and numerous mind control techniques were developed by Hinduism as the religion had realized that uncontrolled mind is the real problem.

Lord Krishna gave a perfect path of mind control in the Bhagavad Gita.

“Lord Krishna said: O Son of Kunti, it is undoubtedly very difficult to curb the restless mind, but it is possible by suitable practice and by detachment.”(BG 6.35)

God Himself accepted that the mind is very flickering. This is indeed everyone’s experience.

Mind cannot be quiet even for one second. Actually what is this mind? It is nothing but a chain of thoughts. The thoughts about whatever happened in the past, whatever is happening now and whatever is expected to happen in future comprise the mind’s existence.

Mind keeps worrying about the things that already happened, keeps imagining about the future events and often forgets about the present context. It means actually it jumps over various issues like a monkey.

Someone may challenge that what’s wrong in thinking about past events or imagining about future situations? But, it is meaningless in asking such questions because constant remembrance of bad experience would result in negative energy and despair. Also, worrying about the imagined calamity in the future results in anxiety. There is no point in generating negative energy and anxiety simply by allowing mind to wander as it wants. This eventually results in depletion of enthusiasm, motivation and positive energy. Hence, a sincere person should try and achieve control over mind with all certainty. However, this is not so easy to achieve, but with sincere of practice and detachment one can achieve it.
So, what is the practice that students and youth should adopt? Also, what type of detachment they should inculcate?

Creating goals and speaking positively that those goals shall be achieved repeatedly is the golden practice that all students should practice without any exception.
One who is without goals remains idle. He spends his available time in social media activities, gossip and watching TV. One who is busy with herculean tasks always remains busy. He will never waste a single minute.

A depressed person speaks only words of depression, but one should never speak words of depression as it would aggravate the situation of depression. This practice shall be maintained by the youth. Monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly goals make one very busy. This practice is very important.

Then what is detachment? Leaving out all the things that are not connected to our goals is detachment. By this detachment, one saves so much time for a good cause. A recent study revealed that youth presently spend 3 to 4 hours in social media activities. By detachment, that time gets saved. So by setting up goals, speaking very positively, eliminating the things that are not connected to the goals, all the students become free from mental stress and achieve the desired goals. Absence of mental stress means complete peacefulness, which actually ensures success in all the tasks that are taken up. With series of successes, all human beings can stay healthy, wealthy and happy.