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Junk At Home Attracts Negative Energy Rahu And Ketu - Hindu Astrology

If your house is filled with junk, then as per Hindu astrology it is bad. Rahu and Ketu cause trouble in such homes. Here is what will happen due to junk at home.
  • You will be troubled by enemies. Poisonous animals will cause health damage to family members.
  • There will be no peace in the house.
  • Constant fights among family members.
  • Rahu and Ketu are two planets that cause immense trouble. Junk at home means a lot of negative energy. Rahu and Ketu gets attracted to it.
  • Boxes, cartons, and covers should not be kept in front of the house and in the northeast corner.
  • Today, we find many electronic items being damaged easily. We replace them but keep the damaged one at home and it stays there without any use. Such items attract a lot of negative energy.
  • When there is too much junk at home, it is impossible to clean the house. This means financial damage as Goddess Lakshmi never resides in a house that is unclean.
Therefore get rid of the junk and make the house neat and clean to attract positive energy, peace, wealth, and auspiciousness.

Renovation should be done on time and damages should be rectified at the earliest.

When cleaning the house, use natural salt. This helps in removing negative energy.