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Shiva Purana in English Summary pdf – Read – Download Shiva Puranam Book In English

Shiva Purana is one among the most important Puranas and narrates the stories associated with Hindu God Shiva. Reading Shiva Puranam on Mondays and other auspicious days associated with Shiva are considered highly rewarding. Shiva Puranam book in English is provided by Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam. You can read it in pdf format.

An example of the style of summary in the text.

Lord Vishnu spoke to Himavan: “We thank you for your welcome and your hospitality. Daksha’s daughter, Sati, who married Lord Siva, has immolated herself. Unable to bear the pangs of separation from her, Lord Siva is performing rigorous penance. The Yogic and other holy men are worshipping Him at the same time, it order to see that Sati Devi would be reborn as His wife. Now, the grand daughter of Daksha, Menaka, is as wise as she is lovely, and will be your worthy lifemate in every way. Already the curse of the sages had determined the course of her life which is that she should be your wife. Parvati will be the child of your marriage to Menaka, and when your daughter (Parvathi) marries Lord Siva, Kumara Svami, the saviour of the demi-gods from the attacks of the demon,
Taraka will be born. So please be ready to accept the hand of Menaka in marriage”.
Himavan fell in with the wishes of the wise men. Menaka, when she learnt about Himavan’s acceptance, was immensely gratified.