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Story Of Ruru – Husband Who Gave Half Of His Life To Wife

The story of Ruru is found in the Kashidashi Mahabharat. He loved his wife so much that he gave half of his life to save his wife from death. Ruru was the grandson of Chyavan and son of Pramati. He married Pramadvara, daughter of heavenly damsel Menaka. They led a simple and happy life. One day Pramadvara was bitten by a snake and she died immediately.

Ruru was inconsolable. He ran from the spot crying loudly. He reached the forests soon and kept crying loudly. All living beings in the forest were disturbed by the non-stop crying of Ruru.

Devas arrived at the scene and told Ruru that all living beings have to die that is law of nature. His wife, Pramadvara, was never destined to live forever. It was her destiny that she had to die from snake bite.

The words of Devas did not console Ruru. He kept crying loudly.

The Devas then told Ruru that he can have his wife back, if he was willing to give half of his remaining lifespan to her.

Ruru did not have any second thoughts. He agreed to the Devas.

The Devas then took Ruru to Yama, the god of death.

Without fear, Ruru faced Yama and told him that he was ready to donate half of his remaining life to his wife and that she be brought back to life.

Yama blessed the fearlessness of Ruru and told him that his wife will be waiting for him in his house.

Ruru went back and found his wife healthy and happy.