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Benefits Of Reading Ramayana

The benefits of reading Ramayana – the story of Lord Rama – are discussed in the first of Bala Kanda in Ramayana. The benefits are mentioned by Sage Narada.

  • A person will be delighted and will be devoid of anxiety.
  • Dharma is nurtured. It helps in alleviating all problems.
  • There will be recovery from physical disease and mental diseases.
  • Destruction of fear.
  • There will be no death of children.
  • Women will not lose their husbands to death.
  • Husbands will be loyal to their wives.
  • There will be no loss due to flood, fire and wind.
  • Listening or reading of Ramayana destroys sins in this birth and that of previous births.
  • It is auspicious to read the story of Lord Rama and is equivalent to reading the Vedas.
  • A person who reads the Ramayana will have a long and fruitful life, with his wife, children and grandchildren.
  • There will be fame and honor in society.
  • After death, the person attains the highest place.
  • By reading Ramayana a person becomes eloquent in speech, obtains property and wealth through dharma, obtains fruit of labor and hard work and finally attains greatness.