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Trichambaram Temple Akshaya Tritiya Appam

A special offering is made at Trichambaram Sree Krishna Temple on Akshaya Tritiya day. This is known as Karolappam or Unniyappam – a very famous offering to Lord Krishna in Kerala temples. Although the offering is performed daily in hundreds of Sri Krishna temple in Kerala and around the world, at Trichambaram Temple the Akshaya Tritiya karolappam is special.

The Karolappam for the day is prepared by the women of the family of the priests and offered to Lord Krishna. The legend is based on the belief that Devaki fed Sri Krishna on see her son for the first time after he annihilated Kamsa.

The offering is made every month by a family of the region. But on Akshaya Tritiya day all the families of the village make the offering.

The unique dish is made using rice flour, wheat Flour, jaggery, ripe banana (small Kerala banana) and coconut pieces.

The deity worshipped in Trichambaram temple is of angry of young Sri Krishna (Raudra Bhavam). He had just killed Kamsa, Chanura, the court wrestler, and Kuvalaya, the royal elephant.

This is one rare temple in the world in which Krishna is first offered food before all kinds of puja.

It houses exclusive murals and carvings that date back to the 15th and 16th centuries AD.